PBL Membership & Dues

State and national dues are paid annually. Chapters should register students electronically by going to the national website, http://www.fbla-pbl.org/, and click on Membership. Follow the step by step instructions.

Initial state and national dues are to be paid by November 1. To receive the November issue of the PBL Business Leader, national dues must be paid by October 20. Additional state and national memberships may be submitted during the school year. To be eligible to participate in the state's competitive events program, each participant must have paid state and national dues by March 1.

State dues are $8 per member and are processed by the National Office.

National dues are $10 per member. Membership cards will be mailed from the National Office when dues are received

Checks should be made payable to FBLA-PBL, Inc.; check and membership form should be sent to:

National Membership Dues
P. O. Box 79063
Baltimore, MD 21279-0063